We at SCHNEIDER GROUP consult and provide our international clients with the back office services they need to expand their business into or within Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland and Germany. Our services include accounting outsourcing, tax consulting, import, EPR systems and support in legal matters.

To increase their efficiency and profit, we implement and develop modern technology and constantly improve processes and workflows.

We have been utilising the very solutions we provide for over a decade among our 500 experts.

Longstanding professional experience combined with local know-how enables us to help and assist foreign companies safely and reliably.

SCHNEIDER GROUP has a broad service range to meet its clients’ diverse requirements. Our client base consists of SME as well as well-known big companies from different industries and countries.

We offer services in the following areas:

  •        Scheider Group _brochure Cover Page _with CaptBusiness Set Up

  •        Outstaffing

  •        Import & Certification

  •        Accounting / Reporting / IFRS

  •        Tax Consulting

  •        IT /ERP Systems

  •        Expert Recruiting

  •        Office Sublease

  •        Legal & Business Address

  •        Tax & financial Due Diligence

  •        Internal Audit

  •        Interim Management

  •        HR Administration

  •        Legal Services

SCHNEIDER GROUP provides you with all you need to ensure a smooth and successful start or expansion of your business in Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland and Germany. All our employees speak either English or German and are proficient specialists in their respective fields. Our offices are located in Almaty, Aktau, Astana, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Minsk, Kyiv, Warsaw, Frankfurt, Berlin and Hamburg. 

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