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Preparing for any new market needs consideration when thinking about a country like Kazakhstan there are many issues both cultural and business linked that you need to think through.

This guide offers you the opportunity to think through your market issues and learn how to enter the market successfully and with as little pain as possible.

The Institute of Export’s mission is to enhance the export performance of the United Kingdom by setting and maintaining professional standards in international trade management and export practice. This is principally achieved by the provision of education, training and practical support, a helpline and one-to-one assistance with paperwork.

Dedicated to professionalism and recognising the challenging and often complex trading conditions in international markets, the Institute is committed to the belief that real competitive advantage lies in competence and that commercial power, especially negotiating power, is underpinned by a sound basis of knowledge. 

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Lesley Batchelor OBE, FIEx (Grad)
Director General - Institute of Export & International Trade


UK Women's Award   



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